We specialise in the manufacture of turned parts in small, medium or large production runs. We are able to produce parts ranging from 0.5 to 51 mm in diameter in materials as diverse as stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, aluminium, brass, nickel silver, bronze, synthetic materials, etc.

In addition to the manufacture of components we also produce subassemblies.

A large infrastructure upstream and downstream of our core activity – precision turning – enables us to deliver products guaranteed by rigorous quality control.

Listed below are key stages in the production cycle of our parts:

With our wealth of experience and knowledge of machining techniques, we put our expertise to good use and can advise you in the phase of optimising and finalising your products.

Our production processes are based on FMEA risk analysis methods.

We are committed to the speedy production of prototypes. The knowledge thus gained benefits the implementation of large scale production.

Our planning is highly flexible, meaning we can respond quickly to market fluctuations.

The great diversity of our machine inventory allows us to manufacture varied products requiring a high level of technical performance.

Our production is controlled by SPC software with data entry terminals throughout our workshops allowing data to be entered directly by operators. The final sampling control, also computerised, guarantees the quality of parts prior to dispatch.

Our infrastructure allows us to offer subassemblies assembled in our own workshops.

Our logistics base incorporates various supply systems such as Kanban, Just-in-time, Forecasting, master contracts or production to order.