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Spirit of Excellence

Spirit of Excellence

Spirit of Excellence

Spirit of Excellence


In order to compete in a market impacted by globalization and increasing competition, BOILLAT TECHNOLOGIES must constantly evolve and innovate.
Our company has been pursuing this strategy for many years by tackling new technical and industrial challenges. Customer needs are ever-changing. Adapting our solutions and products to their needs and remaining curious in our approach are central to the success and health of our company. Every new component that we produce for our customers and every investment we make in new technologies that must be mastered enables us to expand our knowledge and strengthen our company’s market position BOILLAT TECHNOLOGIES is ready to meet these challenges through our consistently future-focused perspective.


Continuous investment

Technological challenges



Year of the Foundation of Boillat Technologies

Pieces Produced in One Year

Coffees in One Year

Steps are walked daily by Boillat Technologies employees in house

“Listen to my customers requests and expertise to build trust and successful projects”

Jacques Boillat

Owner and CEO of Boillat Technologies



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